About Us

The Heurston Group is a UK based company, which is a provider of IT based entertainment and technology products.

Having researched opportunities in the internet communication and content distribution fields The Heurston Group’s strategic intent is to position itself to take advantage of the key behavioral trends in technology today. There are many sources of content such as TV Broadcasters and live streaming companies and a large of number of content delivery players with various devices, platforms and networks. The key area of opportunity is in content distribution.

In this context there are unique growth opportunities for the implementation of technology and associated services that facilitates the delivery of video and audio content from the makers to a consumer base hungry to view it remotely using smart phones and tablet devices.

To take advantage of this The Heurston Group’s business strategy is to focus on rapid growth through a number of identified acquisitions and joint ventures.  This will capture value through the integration and cross leveraging of in-place resources and additional line products, creating quicker access to growth markets.

As part of this vision The Heurston Group has acquired Streamark PLC (Streamark). With its leading edge live streaming technology Streamark forms one of the planks of The Heurston Group’s vision.