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Risks: There are a number of risk factors that may impact on the future performance of Heurston Group PLC (“HG”) or its related bodies. The realization of one or more of these risks could individually or together with other circumstances adversely affect the business activities and have material adverse effects on the financial condition and results of operations as well as on the prospects of the Group.  Some of these are outside the control of HG and should be read before any involvement with the Group as they may affect the value of any investment

The selected order of the risk factors mentioned below represents neither a statement about the probability of the risks’ realization nor an assessment of the importance of these risk factors. The risk factors are based on assumptions that may in hindsight turn out to have been incorrect.  Additional risks which are presently not known to the Company or which are currently considered immaterial could also adversely affect the Group’s business operations and have material adverse effects on its financial condition and results of operations.

The principal risk factors include, but are not limited to the risks outlined below.

General investment risk: Investors should realize that the value of HG shares may fall as well as rise, Some factors are beyond the control of the HG (such as stock market conditions, economic conditions, government policy, technology change, regulatory policy, investor sentiment, and the performance of similar types of companies). No liquid market presently exists for HG securities.

Reliance on key personnel: There is a potential risk for us to lose key management over time. We will try to identify and where possible, mitigate this risk. Whilst the directors of HG are taking steps to obtain key man insurance and a succession plan including for the Chief Executive Officer no assurances can be given such impact. HG further believes it has appropriate employment policies and incentives in place. All employees and directors have employment and intellectual property contracts. Fluctuation in the availability of appropriate staff and in their willingness to remain in specific geographic locations.

Industrial disputes and wage increases:  Employees are covered by enterprise bargaining agreements and other workplace agreements, which periodically require renegotiation and renewal. Disputes may arise in the course of such renegotiations, which may lead to strikes or other forms of industrial action that could disrupt HG operations. Further, any such renegotiation could result in increased labour costs for HG. In times of low unemployment or shortage of skilled employees, there can be upward pressure on wages. If any of these events occur, it may adversely impact HG’s future financial performance.

Price of Shares:  Price for shares are subject to general market risk that is inherent in all securities if the Company is listed or not. This may result in fluctuations in its Share price that are not explained by the fundamental operations and activities of HG.  Shares may increase or decrease in value.  Some of the factors which may affect the price of the Shares include fluctuations in the domestic and international market’s, general economic conditions, including interest rates, inflation rates, exchange rates, consumer sentiment, commodity and oil prices, changes to government fiscal, monetary or regulatory policies and settings, changes in legislation or regulation, the nature of the markets in which HG operates and general operational and business risks.  There can be no guarantee that an active market in the Shares will develop. This may increase the volatility of the market price of the Shares. It may also affect the prevailing market price at which Shareholders are able to sell their Shares.

Future revenues: Whilst HG assets have operating histories, there are no guarantees over future revenues or earnings or return of capital. The business receives equity as part fees and there is thus, a time delay in the gaining of the fee and the public realisation of the equity. There is also no guarantee that any or all of this equity will be realised in the future. This may result in a demand for cash that is difficult to obtain from organic growth, unless growth is substantially slowed, with the consequential opportunity costs.  There can be no assurance that our initiatives will be completed as anticipated or that HG will be able to successfully realize these goals at the targeted levels or by the projected dates.

Tax charges may affect the level of distributions made to the Company by the Group companies and accordingly by it to Shareholders:  Tax charges may affect the level of distributions made to the Company by the Group companies and accordingly by it to Shareholders. The Group will, in structuring its investments, seek to maximise after tax distributable cash in a manner consistent with its business operations. However, any change in the Company’s tax status, domicile, taxation rates or in taxation legislation could affect the profits of the Group and, in turn, the return to Shareholders.

Unforeseen expenditure risk: HG forecasts are based on certain assumptions in relation to the level of capital expenditure required. If the level of capital expenditure required is higher or is needed sooner than anticipated, the financial performance of HG may be adversely affected

Growth Management: There can be a substantial risk associated with rapid growth and having the requisite skills and philosophy that can change HG operations and culture and it is not immune from such risk.

Distance from markets: Building an organization that operates in different country locations involves travel for key personnel which can be a risk and can subject them or HG activities to varying country risks and laws. Building our management team in each of the countries we operate, cross-sharing of resources and developing a culture of supporting those in the field will ameliorate the stresses on individuals. This is confined to a limited number of key personnel.

Intellectual Property: There is a risk that intellectual property rights or assets have not been correctly identified or is subject to any completing claims. HG seeks to identify and protect its rights wherever possible.

Rate of technology change: Technology changes could drive a change in the level of demand for consumer products. The rate of technology changes, such as a lower rate of new product development, could adversely impact HG’s future financial performance.  While many of these technological changes are providing the growth opportunities, there is a risk that competitors will introduce technologies that provide them with a competitive advantage relative to HG

Matching supply and demand: The business needs to meet demand so that there is no discernible gap in the market space, which may induce other larger entrants into the space. However, the market is a rapidly growing market in many parts of the world and HG will have ongoing competition in this market sector.

Investment risk: Investments can fluctuate in value. We aim to use research and analysis to keep abreast of these matters as best we can and may adjust assets where necessary, to lessen any impact.

Shareholder dilution:  In the future, HG may elect to issue Shares or other securities. Shareholders may be diluted as a result of such issues of Shares or other securities

Legal and litigation Risks: Changes in laws (including accounting standards), interpretations and regulations, or the interpretation of these laws and regulations, may have taxation, marketing campaigns, interaction with Consumers, accounting or legal consequences which adversely impacts on the business. In addition, legal costs could be expended to enforce the rights of recovery of assets and costs associated with any recovery action taken over certain business activities or assets. Litigation is commonplace, whether warranted or not, and can take the form of corporate strategy. Having in-house counsel as well as external specialist advisers will mitigate this and other legal risks.

Management Risk: It is possible that HG and its manager(s) may fail to adequately identify and manage risks not identified by the company. This may affect the Fund’s ability to pay distributions to you and/or reduce the value of your investment.

Diversification Risk: There is a risk that HG or its related companies and their investments may not be sufficiently diversified for revenue streams or growth.  In this event the failure of one or a small number of investments may have a material financial impact.

Borrowing Risk:  HG may borrow money (or gear) at competitive market rates, and invest both your money and the borrowed amount to buy assets for growth. While gearing has the potential to increase the gains from investing it may also magnify investor losses.

Insurance Risk: There is a risk inadequate insurances are acquired or held that do not cover unintended consequences by us, or any of our related bodies.

Related Party Risk: There is potential of a related party transaction or risk. Any conflicts of interest, which may arise, are managed in accordance with the law and our internal conflicts management policy and related party guidelines or the law.

Third party Agent /Supplier risk: There is a risk that an agent or supplier causes loss or damage and will aim to monitor or supervise our agent or supplier where we can achieve this. To the extent possible, key functions will be retained in-house in a controlled environment.

Force majeure events:  Events may occur which impact the global operations and the price of the Shares. The events include, but are not limited to, acts of terrorism, an outbreak of international hostilities, fires, floods, earthquakes, labour strikes, civil wars, natural disasters, outbreaks of disease or other natural or man-made events or occurrences that can have an adverse effect on the demand for HG’s product offering and services and its ability to conduct business.