The Heurston Group PLC

The Heurston Group PLC (Heurston) is a UK based company, which is a provider of IT based entertainment and technology products.

The Heurston Group PLC (Heurston) is a diversified investment and product development company specialising in the provision of IT based entertainment and technology products.

The Heurston Group’s business strategy is to focus on rapid growth through a number of identified acquisitions, joint ventures and internal development.  Heurston intends providing the resources to enhance the value proposition and to capture value through the integration and cross leveraging of in-place resources and additional line products, creating quicker access to growth markets.

There is a particular focus on Live Streaming, Online distribution and Health / Education information technology.   As part of this vision The Heurston Group has acquired a subsidiary Streamark Limited. With its leading edge live streaming technology Streamark forms one of the planks of The Heurston Group’s vision.



The Heurston Group’s subsidiary – Streamark Ltd – has attracted a great deal of interest through its leading edge Live Streaming technology.  Extensive networks have been formed to promote the global reach of its applications.


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The Heurston Group has a focus on providing its strengths for the benefit of Educational advancement and Medical Applications.


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Through all of our technology applications the Heurston Group will soon have access to a large network of consumers providing a significant media and advertising opportunity


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    Please be advised the Heurston Group PLC has had a change in Registrars with effect from 1st August 2016. They are; SLC Registrars,  42-50 Hersham Road,  Walton-on-Thames,  Surrey,  England KT12 1RZ  Tel: +44 (0)1903 706150 for shareholder contact. Email:   Note any transfers not yet completed by Computershare will be passed over to SLC. All…


    The company is pleased to confirm the details of our Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) which we are holding at 10am on 5th July 2016 at Cliftons, Level 1, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

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    Original copies have been posted to shareholder’s registered addresses.

  • Annual General Meeting scheduled end of June 2016

    Annual General Meeting scheduled end of June 2016 Date: 11th May 2016 Shareholders should note that the next Annual General Meeting, “AGM” is being scheduled for the end of June, beginning of July. Now that the Report and Accounts have been signed off we are finalising the information pack and voting forms and will be…

  • Jackie Gurr Leaves The Board of Heurston Group PLC

    JACKIE GURR LEAVES THE BOARD OF HEURSTON GROUP PlC Ms Jackie Gurr who has been a Director of The Heurston Group PLC (previously 2Up Gaming PLC) for the past 4 years, has stepped down from the Board with effect from 25th April 2016. Mr Marino Sussich (Chairman) said: “On behalf of the Board, I would…